10: Rihanna – We Found Love in a Hopeless Place

Perseverance. ?? That was the lesson from this song. We talk about it in the video, but this is the first song that we didn’t post on the actual challenge day. We struggled and fought our way through learning it, and I think we actually had a real fight because one of us was feeling particularly defeated that we would “fail” ourselves by not posting on time. This caused conflict between us whether to just give it a break and come back to it tomorrow, or keep trying, or try to learn another song entirely! We did wake up with fresh eyes and ears the next day but we still just couldn’t seem to get past one part of the song without falling apart. This could have been the straw that broke the camels back, but we kept at it, and eventually the part that plagued us was overcome. Our perseverance paid off and we eventually made it through. As Nathan jokingly states, “We found love in a hopeless place.”

The cool thing was that at this point, this challenge within the challenge really facilitated a shift in perspective. Instead of feeling embarrassed about our failures with the song, and our failure to post on time, we decided to celebrate our failures as part of our learning. This was a big shift and was really liberating. It is easy to hold on to the negative and let it color the whole experience and even bleed into the finished product. But if we can look back on the tough points of any process as students to life, we can really grow from the mistakes rather than be discouraged by them. So our question is, where in your life do you need a bit of perseverance? And can taking a posture of “high-fives, lets celebrate the mistakes” give you the juice to keep going? ??

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