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Experience the power of mindfulness through music. 

Mindfulness is at the core of everything we do. It is the thread that pulls together everything we make. Our music and events are offered as mindful spaces for people to reflect on their own life, emotions, thoughts, and beliefs. Our retreats are facilitated to wake people up to be more aware of what is fueling their life, what is holding them back, and where to focus their life energy.

Fundamentally, for us, mindfulness is about listening.


How can we wake up to life if we cannot hear what life is saying? How do we know what we really want if we don’t listen to ourselves? How can our relationships thrive if we don’t listen to each other? 
The backbone of what we do at Wakes is to create spaces to listen. To ourselves. To others. To life. When we listen we deepen our awareness of what IS, and cultivate a sense of presence that has been proven to be pivotal for our happiness and life-satisfaction.
It is said that Benjamin Franklin wisely remarked,
“Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75.” 
So many people sleepwalk through life, barely aware of how they feel or what they are thinking. We live in a series of reactions which disempowers us. We go through our days constantly dissatisfied and disappointed, wishing it were some other way. Mindfulness based practices are core to what we do because to feel truly alive we need to bring purposeful attention to our lives. This counters the autopilot that inhibits us most of the time and deters us from our dreams. 
Mindfulness is a popular term these days, and for good reason, its benefits are many.

Mindfulness is crucial for:

  • developing appreciation and gratitude 
  • self-regulating our thoughts and emotions
  • understanding the nature of mind (attachments and aversions)
  • developing compassion for ourselves and others
  • helping us remain open and curious
  • increasing capacity to deal with adverse events and challenging experiences
  • improving physical health (decreases stress, lowers blood pressure, alleviates pain, and improves sleep)
  • improving mental health (including more serious conditions like depression, substance abuse, anxiety disorders, relationship conflicts, eating disorders, and obsessive compulsive disorder)
  • and likely much more

The acceptance we gain in a moment of mindfulness empowers us to take action. Harnessing the power of our attention through mindfulness practices is key to an awakened life. 

We cultivate mindfulness through a variety of techniques,

music | guided meditations | personal practices | group education | and more 

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