We love creating digital tools for personal awakening that fit into our busy every day lives, but sometimes we need to go deeper in order to gain the transformation we seek. Retreats allow us time and space to gather in community, connecting to ourselves and others in a contained and intentional way. We LOVE these spaces where we get to incorporate so many of our favorite things – great people, delicious food, inspiring nature, personal growth in a relaxing place, music, yoga, and more. Wakes retreats are contemplative, connecting, nurturing, yummy, deeply restorative, educational, and FUN!

We hold a number of retreats per year in different locations and focused on different themes. However every retreat includes our 3 core pillars.

3 core pillars


Music is the language of emotion. Let the vibrations of our music gently release any sticky old emotional baggage. We compose and perform powerfully crafted musical experiences using our voices in beautiful harmony, mantra to move and uplift, and healing instruments from around the world.


Our minds are one of the few constant companions we will have with us throughout our entire lives. They are the gatekeepers of our happiness and the tricksters that tempt us toward stress. We can’t change what happens to us, but with practice, we can transform the way we respond to the world to live happier and more fulfilling lives.​


We are trained and practiced yoga teachers and lovers of expression through movement and body. Yoga brings us into alignment in body mind and spirit. It helps us breathe space into the tight areas in our bodies, space into the tangled places in our minds and space between the ego, and our true identity in soul.​

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