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Hello fellow soul seeker!

We are Nathan and Ada, sweethearts and the creators of Wakes. We are all around seekers of wonder and lovers of life. We love movement and play, making up silly songs, travel, trying all the amazing flavors of life, good food, and craft beer. You can find us in a yoga studio, laughing over a pint with friends, or crouched on trailside to smell a flower or meet a bug we’ve never seen. But what lights us both up the very most is digging into what is REAL for people. We are inspired and fueled by our interconnection with people, nature, and our complex inner worlds. For us, life is richest when we have others to laugh with, cheers, celebrate, support and learn from. This is why we made Wakes, to gather together to appreciate and support one another as we grow, and share a collective awakening to the wonder and interdependence of life.

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We used to make lots of these. We also have the story in text below, if that’s more your jam.

Our Journey…

Getting Here

In early 2016 we launched our first social business Northern Flicker and left a conventional work life to travel the world helping tell the stories of inspiring change makers. From Costa Rica to Sweden, Japan to South Africa and beyond, we encountered people who were alive with purpose.

...we learned along the way that we had another dream that was even more authentic to us. But one that was scary!

While we loved making beautiful videos and supporting their causes, we learned along the way that we had another dream that was even more authentic to us. But one that was scary! Do you have a dream in your heart that you desire but aren’t sure you’re willing to risk following? 

In every country we travelled we would sing (one of our other great loves and actually the way we met!) and so bit by bit we were emboldened to pursue this calling. While on a self-created retreat in a friend’s round house in the woods, we finally admitted we wanted to make music and create experiences that could help people learn, grow, and awaken to the vast landscape of their inner worlds just as we had. We already knew the power of storytelling through our folk music, and we were excited to dig even deeper into the power of music to help people heal. 

You can imagine we had a lot of learning to do, embarking on such an intense adventure not only as new business partners, but lovers and life parters as well. It has been a crash course on love, life, business, and being. We have learned a lot to keep us persevering through disagreement and conflict, processing inner challenges, bouts of anxiety and fear amidst the external challenges of growing a business and getting creative to make things work financially. We have developed practices that have strengthened us, no matter what obstacles arise. They have seen us through the uncovering of unseen emotional pains, they have held us in our fears, and they have steadied us so that we can keep singing our part into the song of life. We are excited to share all that we have learned with YOU so that you too can wake up to what’s within, and live into your truest, most fulfilled life. When we set out to start Northern Flicker we wanted to work with change makers, and we still do. YOU! Change within creates untold ripples of impact without. As Ghandi said, “We are the change we’ve been waiting for.” We can’t think of a better way to truly change the world.

Your Guides

Ada Ketchie

Ada is a tireless peacemaker and communication wizard. It’s tough to shake the feeling you must have been best friends in another life. 

Loves big earrings and bold colors, solo dance parties (with people too!), and prefers ice-cream over sorbet. 

Nathan Getzin

Nathan is a creative arts renaissance man and our resident philosopher. He has an ever-searching eye for beauty matched with superb practicality and problem-solving skills.

Loves cooking, nature identification, and DIY projects. 

Our journey has offered us some valuable perspectives and insight especially in the realm of relationships, communication, conflict, and working with fear to identify and get after our dreams. We offer personal coaching and individualized counsel to those that feel resonant with us. If you are interested, we would love to set up a free first session to explore if we would be a good fit in helping you live a more vibrant and purpose-filled life.

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