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Plus on-demand meditations

We are currently offering free weekly sound bath meditations on Insight Timer! It’s free and you can access from a browser or their amazing phone app. You don’t even need an account! 

While we live in Washington State and most of our live events will take place in this area, we often go on tour, so please keep up to date on our Facebook events page to see if we are coming to an area near you! OR, better yet, invite us and lets see if we can can make some Wakes magic happen in your area. We love to collaborate with like minded souls to spread the power of awakening through music and mindfulness to more people. 

We are available to work with corporate wellness programs, community education programs, yoga studios, festivals and conferences, private events, house concerts, and more. 

  • 1-1.5 hour light sound meditation introduction session
  • 2-3 hour sound journey experience
  • 1-2 hour folk music and storytelling session
  • 1 hour yoga class with 15-30 light sound meditation
  • half day to full day workshops

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