Sometimes we have thoughts that we really want to share to help others process or grow, and sometimes we need to process an issue in our own lives through words. As song writers, sometimes we have some beautiful words that sit just right on the page and aren’t asking to be sung. This is a place for those kinds of things. This is a place to explore new perspectives on life, new practices you might incorporate into your day to day, or just get inspired.

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New Song November: Retrospective

The songs and our reflections on learning, arranging, recording, and posting a new song every day for the month of November in 2018.

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We Evacuated at 2am

When it rains it pours…or maybe more apt for us this week, when it ignites, it burns. 🔥 This is a heartfelt update on what has

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Day of Nothing Sound Bath

The Day of Nothing Festival is over, but that doesn’t mean you cant still incorporate moments of nothing (or even whole days) into your life.

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A New Normal

One unexpected, but lovely, consequence of this pandemic is that I’m meeting more of my neighbors. Are you? It’s strange to say but during normal

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