Sometimes we have thoughts that we really want to share to help others process or grow, and sometimes we need to process an issue in our own lives through words. As song writers, sometimes we have some beautiful words that sit just right on the page and aren’t asking to be sung. This is a place for those kinds of things. This is a place to explore new perspectives on life, new practices you might incorporate into your day to day, or just get inspired.

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New to Wakes? Wondering where to start? Learn a bit about our philosophy and get some inspiration with these posts.

New Song November: Retrospective

The songs and our reflections on learning, arranging, recording, and posting a new song every day for the month of November in 2018.

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Don’t Forget Yourself

A song we co-wrote about Nathan’s parents. Divorce is tough, but when we can step back and see the bigger picture with compassion and love

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Get a Taste

Get a taste of what Wakes is all about with this little collection of posts. It’s a good place to start if you are wondering

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Wow, it’s already nearing the end of our first week of 2020! Many of us launch into the New Year with dewy eyed dreams of

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