Meditation Music: Drum and Didgeridoo for Release

Whether you are on the front lines of protests or taking in the news with wide eyes, the pain we are experiencing at this moment is acute, it is collective, and it needs to be felt. No, it is not in our instinct as people to BE with discomfort. We much more readily seek distraction, avoidance, or denial. However, we believe that there is much learning to be had right there in the heart of discomfort. 

As you might know from previous Wakes’ experiences, we often use parts of our sound journeys and music to explore discomfort. Guttural calls and non-verbal vocal experimentation, utilizing repetition and randomness, from here we tap into tension. As we do, we can simply allow the sounds and sensations that arise to reveal something to ourselves.

For some the music unlocks grief, anxiety, or fear. For others it is a catharsis, a release, permission for freedom of expression. For others still it is simply an opportunity to practice breathing through discomfort, one beat, one vibration, one note at a time.  

Within this space of intentional listening we can notice what we are feeling. We can begin to name it (anger, sadness, insecurity, confusion, etc.) and we can start to ask ourselves why we are feeling it and where it is coming from. With that honest recognition we can welcome in release and open ourselves to healing. The more often we release the tensions that build within us, the more stamina we will have to do the work of being with discomfort. 

It is also an act of self-care. In regards to this particular moment, doing the work to dismantle racism inside ourselves and in society is demanding work. We need to take breaks to metabolize the complex interactions, emotions, and information we are experiencing so that we can create more energy for engaging. 

Please join us in using this 12 minute Drum and Didgeridoo meditation for release. Close your eyes and practice listening to what arises. Release the tensions that have been building up inside. Return to listening and learning with more internal space to show up. 

Discomfort is an unavoidable part of life. Our growing pains lead to learning. It is integral to our transformation and evolution as people. 

The soul searching humanity is being called to do right now is DEEP and existential. If you would like to join us in engaging in that soul search, in listening, in leaning into discomfort, we have our next Soul Searching Sound Bath session this Thursday at 8pm PDT. This will be a safe space to process and recharge in community. Please share with people you know who might be experiencing the weight of this moment and are needing a resource like this to support them. All sessions are available to use and listen throughout the duration of the series, so no worries if you missed the first sound bath, you can still take part. 

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