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3 new albums to be released in 2021!


Music can change lives. We’ve seen it first hand.

Again and again, at every concert and music event we play, people leave different, better, more aware, lighter, and more empowered than they came in.

This is about more than just making a few albums. It’s about empowering people to be their best selves. 

Get the music, support the cause, awaken your brightest life!


Read about each album below!

Get a digital download of ALL of the albums we will be recording at a DISCOUNTED rate! PLUS! Get a free download of our Christmas album: “Winter Solstice” ($15 value!)
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Get ALL of the beautifully designed physical CD albums (including digital files) that we will be recording at a DISCOUNTED rate! PLUS! Get a free set of our Chakra Meditation Cards ($15 value)! 

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Journey through the Chakras

Our signature sound journey for deep meditation and listening within. Inspired by the wisdom of the chakra system and the beauty of the journey of human development. Original mantras are sung atop various world instruments like harmonium, guitar, bansuri flute, RAV Vast steel drum, didgeridoo, crystal bowls and more to create a moving soundscape with which to immerse yourself into. These songs will light you up, balance and calm, tap into the subconscious, and teach you about yourself through the power of sound and vibration, male and female vocal harmony, and transportive lyrics. Perfect for processing emotions, tapping into your potential, accessing creativity, silencing mind chatter, and drifting to deep sleep. Each track is between 10-15 minutes and can be used as a single meditation session or can be listened to in its entirety for a deeper and longer dive into the sound journey as it was originally written.  


These are the songs that have accompanied and carried us through the many joys and storms of life. Songs full of the stories of the finer and tougher moments. Songs that explore the themes of blossoming love, the end of life, commitment, sickness, sexuality, silly arguments and more. Folky, jazz-inspired sounds full of vulnerability, gorgeous harmony, and lyrics worth a second and third listen.

Cover Songs

An album of some of our (and hopefully YOUR) favorite songs. Many from our New Song November Challenge! In 2018 we learned, arranged, performed, and posted a song EVERY DAY to Youtube. You can watch them here. We’ll be doing a proper recording, mix and master of ~12 songs.


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Loving Words

A journey through sound and introspection like I’ve never experienced. If medicine started prescribing music, it would be this.
Scott W.
Pittsburgh, PA
The most tender and sweet music I have ever heard.
Nandy E.
San Jose, Costa Rica
Such an amazing and beautiful musical experience. I don't think I've ever felt so peaceful
Toni F.
Brighton, United Kingdom


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