Journey Through The Chakras Meditation Cards


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Journey Through The Chakras Meditation Cards



  • 7 beautiful mantra cards.
  • Infused with essential oils to sweeten your practice.
  • Waxed for longevity.
  • Words to deepen your understanding of, and relationship with, the chakras.
  • Guidance to enrich your meditation practice.

Each card has a mantra from each of the 7 movements of our sound journey, one for each chakra. The back side of the card has information about one energy center of the body, encouragement, and a provoking question or practice to open this part of you a little more.

Take your experiences of these songs with you to deepen the insights and healing. Use your own voice and tap into the power of mantra by repeating and meditating on the words. Go deeper with yourself, explore further, open more, and embrace all.

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