Day of Nothing Sound Bath

The Day of Nothing Festival is over, but that doesn’t mean you cant still incorporate moments of nothing (or even whole days) into your life.

It was incredibly valuable to join together, with thousands of others around the world, in a collective act of not acting, and we learned a lot.

Firstly, it is really damn hard to do nothing for a whole day. Our culture is obsessed with getting shit done, and not many of us have escaped the pressure to squeeze each and every moment for every drop of productivity we can get out of it. Even when we do take a moment to rest, it’s all too easy to fill our time with activities that feel productive like reading news, or exercising not for the joy of it but to get in shape.

Hell, even scrolling Facebook somehow fills the productivity compulsion with it’s endless aptitude to consume and learn.

What we’re NOT good at is completely letting go of the need for constant output or input to just be as we are and float in the flow of life for a change.

Listening is one of the best examples of this posture of letting go. Listening can’t be made more productive, or sped up, or forced, it can only be opened to more and more. It is the opposite of control and contraction. It requires loosening and allowing to really be present with what is now.

For the Day of Nothing Festival, we offered this one hour sound bath to create a space for the practice of listening.

Sound baths are a perfect opportunity to practice this kind of listening on many different levels at once. The music calls us to pay attention, soak in, and enjoy the vibrations. The lyrics and mantras inspire stories and images to observe as they take shape and morph in our minds. And music, being the language of emotion, always taps into the deeper and often unconscious feelings to help us become conscious of our subtle emotional landscapes and release what is no longing serving us.

Take an hour to practice doing nothing with this special sound bath.

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