12: Radiohead – Creep

Experimentation is key to evolution. And success! ??? On this particular day of the challenge we went with something a bit out of the norm as we wanted to experiment with using some of our sound healing instruments. Our amazing Rav Vast steel drum is in an odd tuning called G Pygmy, so it took a bit of playing around before we could come up with a song to cover. Radiohead’s 1993 fame catapulting song Creep ended up being the song we messed around with on the drum the most and it seemed to work! In fact, once we threw in the harmonium and crystal bowls, it made it sound all the more creepy. ?

It seems that experimenting in this way led to an unexpected sound, and that led to this song getting shared and viewed more than any other. After we posted it, the drum maker RAV shared it on their page, and while it wasn’t our Youtube link it got over 12 thousand views on facebook and shared hundreds of times from all over the world. And while not quite to that level of success on Youtube, this video is just a few hundred views away from 2,000. That’s incredible! We never expected anything like that. So there you have it. Mashing up genres, trying something new, experimenting with sounds, this song taught us taking risks can bring big rewards. 

What part of your life have you been experimenting with, and what is it teaching you? Have you been trying a new approach at work, switching up some foods in your diet or habits in your routine? While these tests and trials aren’t always guaranteed to bring success, we are guaranteed to learn. And in the long arch of our life, learning paired with perserverance will eventually lead to our success. ☀️

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