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The answers you seek, the direction you long for, it is all within you. Awaken to it. We’ll show you the way.

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Hi! We're Wakes,

Ada & Nathan

We are musicians, storytellers, yoga teachers, healers, and coaches on a mission to support you on your spiritual path.

We use music, embodiment, & mindfulness to guide you through hardship and toward healing. Release stress, sleep better, and awaken your highest potential.

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Patrons can get access to our exclusive deep dive sound baths you can’t get anywhere else.

Our debut sound healing album is here! 

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Private & Corporate Events

Looking to help your employees, friends, or colleagues stress less, foster greater team cohesion, and bolster creativity? We'll work with you to breathe new life, into your next event with moments of musical mindfulness & integration, or tell us what your looking for and we can help facilitate a customized event just for you. Pricing starts at $600.
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Soul Centered Life Coaching

Life and spiritual guidance from both Ada and Nathan. Get the support and synergy of our collective wisdom and life experience to find emotional transformation and empowerment. We specialize in matters of the heart, healing, finding purpose, spiritual guidance, communication and relationships.
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We are currently offering free weekly sound bath meditations on Insight Timer! It’s free and you can access from a browser or their amazing phone app. You don’t even need an account! 

Be sure to follow us there for updates on new meditation releases and upcoming events.

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Wakes is made possible by the incredible support of fans like you. Fans around the world pitch in as patrons to keep the personal growth, deep sleep, and soul awakening flowing through our music and meditations.