14: Bruce Springsteen – I’m on Fire

I think we can all agree that the character in this song is feeling passionate! While his passion for this woman is borderline creepy, he taps into such visceral honesty. He is filled with desire, he is focused, he is longing to reach higher. It’s almost uncomfortable because so many of us don’t allow ourselves to tap into that level of passion. We would rather protect ourselves lest we get burned. The fires of passion burn hot! ?

But our passions and desires have much to teach us about ourselves. They can be a pointer to what is driving us. The analogy of passion as fire is quite apt. The fire of passion warms you up, and turns the engines of your action. But fire needs fuel to burn and the fuel is our desires, or longings, wants and needs. Recognizing what is really feeding your fire is the power of this lesson. What are your desires made up of? Where are they coming from? Just as with fire, some fuel burns bright and clean, and others burn dark and smoky and let off noxious fumes. If the desires fueling your fire are malice, greed, inappropriate lust, or envy, then the quality of your action will be tainted by the noxious smoke of this fuel. But if your fuel is love, peace, good will, and openness, the quality of your action will be strong and warm.

So often we hold back from feeding our fire any of our desires out of shame or fear of failure. Don’t be afraid to fuel your passion. Let it burn bright! Just turn some conscious awareness to what you are feeding it with. Sometimes if it can be hard to tell the quality of your desires, it can be helpful to look then to the fruit of your action. What is manifesting from your passion? Is it serving your life and your spiritual growth?
So yes, in the song he’s talking about sexual desire, and we’ll refrain from trying to judge the quality of his fuel! But where in your life can you relate to this kind of burning passion and where are you directing the action it is driving? Maybe it is for a person, for your partner, or for your children. Maybe it is for a cause. Maybe it is for an activity, a personal goal, a work project. Whatever it is, let that passion be a light in your life. There’s no need to hold back. Your passion fueled by love, honed and harnessed can change your life. It can change the world.?❤️

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