11: Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros – Home

Collaboration! Life is so much better when we work together. This rendition of Home was super fun for us because our friends Cassie and John offered their instrumental and vocal support and Nathan’s younger brother Braden jumped right in too. It was so fun to lean on different people’s strengths. For example we had no idea that Cassie was such a skilled violinist, nor that John had such beautiful booming vocals (he carried the lead melody on the chorus and was probably the only person in the room that didn’t need a microphone – the lungs on that guy!). Think of the people in your life, have you asked them about their hidden skills and passions? Have you told them about yours? Perhaps there is a place that you overlap. 

So often, we walk around in life so preoccupied with our own “stuff”- goals, to-dos, worries, etc., that we might not notice how other people can and want to contribute, help, or support us. After the ups and downs of the first 10 days of the challenge where we were in our insular world of music making, it was such a lift in our sails to have the fresh energy and perspective of our friends and family. The feeling of being a chorus of voices was a boon! It is important that as we go for our dreams, we don’t go it alone. There is so much to gain in collaboration. Camaraderie, new ideas, diversity of aptitudes, greater engagement, productivity, flexibility, and innovation. It is essential to our growth as people. 

What is something you are currently trying to accomplish all on your own? And who is someone in your life that you could seek out and ask for their support to work together? Is there someone you could offer your skills and ideas to? As the African proverb says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” 

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