9: Sam Cooke – Nothing Can Change This Love

Finding a groove. Okay, it helps that this song just makes you smile! Or makes you hungry… But behind the scenes we were finding our groove too. Amidst the cherry pie, ice-cream etc, we were in a vocal sweet spot. This song gave us a reprieve from the challenge of some of the others songs and we just had FUN! Any little bobbles fell aside because we had reached 9 days, we were on a sizable streak, and our sense of satisfaction at finding our stride toward this goal was palpable. So the lesson here is to simply enjoy it when life feels good! Don’t go looking for something negative to focus on (because you know you can find something!). Put your attention on what feels good. What’s going right. Savor it, because in a moment it could change. 

And I suppose that is the lesson that Sam Cooke was handing down. What or who do you love with so much dedication and commitment, that no amount of loss, disappointment, or failure could change the love you have? Because when it’s good and groovin, by all means enjoy it! But when the going gets tough, it’s the love that will see you through. I think our love of music and each other saw us through this crazy challenge and that is why this song just rings so true.

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