6: Bob Marley – Three Little Birds

Music is POWERFUL!? It can speak what’s in our hearts. Quell our anxieties. Lift up our spirits! ??Music can literally change our state of being, just by hearing it. I’m not sure how many people count this timeless song as one of their favorites, but millions and millions. Perhaps because the message of the song points to something so universal. We all worry and we all need reassurance. I can’t think of an easier way to shift a bad mood than to put on Three Little Birds and remind ourselves, “that every little thing is gonna be alright.” The sun will rise, the birds will sing and we can simply smile and let those burdens down for a moment and trust.☀️?

I remember being an awkward middle schooler and first getting this album from my brother. I listened over and over again on the CD player in my bedroom because it encouraged me when I really needed it. Our friends Lisa and Rich requested this song during our challenge because it was what they would sing to their baby to remind him (and themselves) that the pregnancy and birth were going to be alright. What are your go-to songs when you need a boost? Which song do you draw to when you need to shift your mood, mindset, or state of being? We’d love to hear from you, so please share your favorite songs and experiences of how the power of music changes your life for the better. Reply in the comments or shoot us an email, because the more songs we have in our feel-good arsenal, the more resourced we will be to navigate the challenges of this life. 

The power of music to impact us on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level is why we are so passionate about facilitating more experiences for people to listen to music with intention, and thus through its powerful mirror, listen to themselves. Music has become a bit of a background activity for so many people, but what is possible when we really listen, when we take it in fully? It can wake us up to SO much within ourselves, it can bolster us in our toughest moments, it can say what we have a hard time saying, it can help us process feelings and heal what hurts. This is a foundational part of the larger mission of our new unifying brand, Wakes, that we are launching very soon. We hope you will be a part of this journey with us, so that when life gets tough, we can remember it’s all gonna be alright.?

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