Day of Nothing Sound Bath

The Day of Nothing Festival is over, but that doesn’t mean you cant still incorporate moments of nothing (or even whole days) into your life. It was incredibly valuable to join together, with thousands of others around the world, in a collective act of not acting, and we learned a lot. Firstly, it is really […]

Meditation Music: Drum and Didgeridoo for Release

Whether you are on the front lines of protests or taking in the news with wide eyes, the pain we are experiencing at this moment is acute, it is collective, and it needs to be felt. No, it is not in our instinct as people to BE with discomfort. We much more readily seek distraction, […]

Meditation Music for Release: Ambient

How long are we into this pandemic now? Depends where in the world we are, but no doubt it has solidly upended most of our lives for at least 2 months. That’s a long time to have our routines interrupted, to be apart from friends and family, to feel the incessant rollercoaster of information, stress, […]

Freedom in Love – She Wakes Original

We wrote this song for our dear friends’ wedding, as a reflection of their love, and to celebrate the power of love to fill our lives with freedom and wonder. We recorded it and are sharing it with you now because after months of being apart and 14 days of being quarantined from one another […]

Meditation Music for Trust – 35 Minutes

Live recording of 35 minutes of music to ground and trust in your life circumstances to unlock your true inner knowing. Let the mantras wash over you and sing out from within you. You know the way, this is your path. Grab a pair of headphones and use this for meditation, to bring peace to […]

Time Loses it’s Hold – She Wakes Original

This song is the first song Nathan ever wrote for Ada. Its a sweet love song that captures those early days when time would lose it’s hold on us and we’d get lost in each other’s company.

Guiding Light – She Wakes Original

We are fallible and broken and let each other and ourselves down, often daily. Life is big and messy and we are weathered and rocked and we often loose our way. But it doesn’t mean we don’t aim for our dreams, our highest selfs, our most loving expression with sails open full like a sailer […]

Don’t Forget Yourself

A song we co-wrote about Nathan’s parents. Divorce is tough, but when we can step back and see the bigger picture with compassion and love real healing can occur.

Meditation Music – 8 Minutes – Instrumental Ocean

Live recording of 8 minutes of instrumental meditation music connect to the great mother ocean who welcomes and accepts all who flow into her. Let the sounds of ocean drum and Rav Vast steel tongue hand pan wash over you and sing out from within you. Let gravity guide you along the path of least […]

Meditation Music for Self Awareness – 13 Minutes – Listen Within Mantra

Live recording of 13 minutes of music to bring awareness to the power of your inner capacities and unlock your innate knowing and trust. Let the mantra wash over you and sing out from within you. Use your senses to turn within. Grab a pair of headphones and use this for meditation, to bring peace […]

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