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In 2018 we unwittingly took on a behemoth of a challenge that we called New Song November. To launch our Youtube page, we set out to learn, arrange, record, and share one new song every day for the month of November. And holy hell was it a wild month! 🤯😰😲😅

We had no idea how it would push us to our edge every day, 30 days in a row. We learned gobs along the way, had a ton of fun, and also got to confront more than a few our demons as we plowed right through the edges of our comfort zones. 👹 We have so much to say about this experience, that every day for the month of November 2019 we will be sharing one song a day from last year’s recording along with a little reflection, insight or encouragement from our experience.

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Firstly, welcome. We want to say first off, that your sharing life with us (even in this anonymous digital-one-sided-conversation-kind-of-way)  is the fulfillment of our dreams

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But Why?

We all want to feel more alive, happier, healthier, with more passion and purpose. We want to feel fulfilled in the lives we lead. Wakes

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Our hearts have been heavy as news of the devastating wildfires in Hawaii continue to emerge. 💔 Over 2,700 homes and businesses have been destroyed

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One unexpected, but lovely, consequence of this pandemic is that I’m meeting more of my neighbors. Are you? It’s strange to say but during normal

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