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Firstly, welcome. We want to say first off, that your sharing life with us (even in this anonymous digital-one-sided-conversation-kind-of-way)  is the fulfillment of our dreams and our incredible honor to have your attention. We are all about celebrating all the joys, big and small. And we hope to someday get the even great honor of enjoying face to face words and hopefully a hug. 

The following words are our best attempt to capture WHY we do what we do…

There's Got to be a Better Way...

If you are anything like us, you probably find yourself thinking from time to time, “there’s got to be a better way.”

Thanks to the near endless pressures of the world around us, most of us think that we should be better. We think, “I should make more money. I should have a more purposeful job. I should be a better, provider/mother/father/spouse/son/daughter/citizen” And there are no shortage of techniques, methods, and systems being sold to help us do more, be better, try harder, get fitter, or smarter, or holier, or make more money. There’s a lot of noise when it comes to who we should be. But none of this has to do with who we really are

Wakes is about waking up to our true identity. Turning not to what others say who we are or who we should be, but turning within to see what authentic strength is waiting to emerge, that we’ve been reticent to let out. This kind of introspection takes practice and a level of honesty that most of us (ourselves included) are still learning how to fully embrace. But it is from this place of personal awakening and honesty with ourselves that we can really begin to change. This isn’t the change of trying on a new costume or a new title, but the kind of change that can only come from within, the kind of change that a caterpillar experiences when it becomes a butterfly. No one can tell it how to make that transformation, it will never be a process it can comprehend or plan out in its mind, it will simply come when it is time and it is a process that is continually happening. 

The full embodiment of your awakening is a deep capacity that you already have and you CAN realize. At Wakes, we are facilitators of experiences that connect us to the self that only you know and that only you can cultivate. Your unique voice is one that we can’t wait to join in the chorus of this community.

We can’t, and we don’t believe anyone can offer you a prescription, or 5 easy steps to your authentic transformation. But we can support you in cultivating a life that nurtures your own metamorphosis into the fullest, most creative, and brightest expression of you. 

  • We offer tools to facilitate your own inner journeys to identify the fears and anxieties that keep you from taking that next step. 
  • We offer practices to strengthen your psyche, and build mental health that enables clarity, creativity, and abundance.
  • We offer experiences to help you connect to the deepest truths of your being.
We are fellow travelers on this path of life and we have some perspectives and gifts to share and we hope that someday we will get the pleasure of witnessing yours. One of the missions of Wakes is to gather together support one another on this path. We do this through live events and retreats and in the space between the real live connecting, we use this virtual world to fill in the gaps.

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We very intimately know the courage that it takes to trust our transformation, but this is every one of our life’s work. We can’t change the world or even contribute to it very well until we are willing to be present with the transformation that is happening in our life today. Not waiting around for the day when we can finally break out of our cocoon and fly, but diligently taking each moment, each blessing, and each hardship as it comes. One day we may even look back and realize the wings we had been aching to have had been there all the time but we were too focused on future reward to be present and practicing with what we have. 
Our own story of learning to buck the pressures of society’s expectations, our own fear, doubt, and limiting expectations, and the daily practice of setting aside our expectations of where we “thought we’d be by now” to be present to and empowered by where we are.
You can read more of our story here.

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