The Fear is Not You

The Fear is Not You

May this song be a companion to you whenever you feel fear rising up. We wrote it to be a reminder that the fear you feel is a temporary experience, it isn’t who you are. Let the words and harmonies help you ground once again in presence and power. We need practices that help us to take a step back, look beyond what we think we are lacking, and take in the true fullness of who we are. Let the knotted up thoughts unravel to float free and open to embrace the spaciousness within you.


Take a step back
Your only seeing what you lack
Come walk with me

Take a deep breath
Let it flow into you chest

Fill up with space
See all the fears that you face

Spread wide
Open arms nothing to hide

The fear is not you
Thoughts all float free
Emotions flow with ease
It’s all unraveling

Reach down into the earth
Let your roots embrace her

Slowly open up to grace
All of this you can embrace
Your growing

Feel all that’s around
Breeze of sky and rumbling ground

Open up to what is
This is truth, here is bliss

The fear is not you
Thoughts all float free
Emotions flow with ease
It’s all unraveling.

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