Sound Bath for Trust

Sound Bath for Trust

Live recording of 35 minutes of music to ground and trust in your life circumstances to unlock your true inner knowing. Let the mantras wash over you and sing out from within you. You know the way, this is your path.

Grab a pair of headphones and use this for meditation, to bring peace to your space, do a little yoga, or just as a mid day pick-me-up while you work. Be sure to check out the meditation playlist this is part of to find other lengths and themes to explore and guide you deeper.


Black earth between my toes.
My roots dug deep in the ground.
Balancing upon the earth,
I trust this path I’ve found.

Listen within,
see beyond,
taste it all,
and the knowing will come

This was a part of a live Calm For Coronavirus series that we live streamed to Facebook.

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