Feeling the World

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Grab some headphones, and find a spot to really tune in. This music has the capacity to awaken your deepest emotions, longing, and creativity.

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    Creativity is born out of tension; out of duality. We step into the truth that while united, we are also the keepers of our own bodies, minds, and souls. As children, we learn to grasp on to and long for people, objects, food, and feelings; to enjoy all there is to feel, smell, hear, taste and see. We also learn to let go, to release that which no longer serves us, including emotions, suffering, and stories of the past. Taking hold and letting go are duality embodied, the basic ways we provide for ourselves, and the beginning of our power and agency in this life.

    Step into the current of life and feel into the ways that your desire and creativity want to flow. Where in your life do you feel tension that could be transformed into creative opportunities? What are you still clinging to that is holding you back from carving your path in life? Where can you more fully engage to welcome in and take hold of the blessings that flow around us each day?

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