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The Tracks

New Moon 🌑

The new moon offers us a monthly ritual to practice sitting in the fertile void of the darkness. We get to feel our way through, rather than rely on what we see. It is a time when silence can hold us. A time to dream. It is a reminder that we can always ‘begin again’.

Use this sound bath to connect to your passions and dreams, set and nurture intentions, initiate action and goals, visualize desired outcomes, develop patience and trust, and surrender to your own unknowing. 

Songs/Mantras: Into the Dark, Black Earth, Nourishing Waters, Doorway Back to Light, I Know You’re There

Instruments: Crystal & Tibetan Bowls, Gong, Rain Stick, Frame Drum, Harmonium, Lotus Bell, Turtle Shaker, RAV Vast Handpan, Ocean Drum, Guitar, Bansuri, Koshi Chimes

Full Moon 🌕

Every full moon is a wonderful opportunity to meditate on the brilliance, beauty, and abundance in your life. Let this full moon sound bath be an opening to take note of the intentions and goals you’ve set and how they are blossoming into fullness. Let this be your time to release, let go, and be free of what is no longer serving you. In the light we can see more clearly. 

Use this sound bath for illumination, inspiration, building confidence, embracing vulnerability, and spiritual cleansing and clearing. 

Songs/Mantras: Let Me Be Seen and Let Me See, Radiant Beams-Radiant Me, Gather Up All in Your Warm Embrace, In Your Fullness I Receive

Instruments: Crystal & Tibetan Bowls, Gong, Rain stick, Frame Drum, Didgeridoo, Tambourine, RAV Vast Handpan, Louts Bell, Harmonium, Bansuri, Koshi Chimes,

How to use your music files

There are many ways to listen to your downloaded files, but in this age of streaming, it’s not always so straight forward to get the music where you want it. Below is a little help to get you started using your purchased music.

If it’s all too confusing or overwhelming for you, we’ve built the music player above so that you can stream your purchase from this page on any device. Just bookmark this page so you can come back and listen on any device with an internet connection.

If you have any problems, reach out to us at

Keep in mind, that most options require a desktop computer to get the music files incorporated into your listening environments.

It’s pretty easy to download your files into a folder on your computer and open them up in the music player of your choosing. This is a great option if you want to listen from your computer.

To listen on a mobile device, see the options below, but keep your desktop handy, because you’ll likely need it to get the files on your mobile device.

Unfortunately, there’s not a great way to download the files directly to your iPhone and listen to them in a user friendly manner. If you choose to do this the songs will go to your “Files” app and you can navigate to the downloads folder to listen to them there. However, the player is clunky and does not integrate with other music well.

To get these songs on your iPhone and playing through iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, or YouTube Music, you’ll need a desktop computer. See instructions for those options below.

You’ll need a desktop computer to sync your audio files to your mobile devices. Download your files to your desktop and check out these instructions from Apple to get set up.

It is possible to download music files directly to your Android device and listen to them there, but it can be difficult. Check out these instructions from Bandcamp to see if this is a good option for you. 

Again, we recommend using a computer to sync your music to your mobile devices, as this is the easiest option. 

If you’re a YouTube Music, Spotify, or Apple music user, see the instructions below to get your files synced up to your mobile library.

If you’re a Spotify user, you’ll need a premium Spotify account and a desktop computer to get these files into your music library so you can listen to them wherever you go and add them to new or existing playlists you’ve got in rotation.

Follow these instructions from Spotify to make it happen.

If you are a subscriber to Apple Music or iTunes Match, you can download the files to your Mac or PC and use these instructions to get your audio files synched up to listen on your phone.

If you are a subscriber to YouTube Music, you can download the files to your Mac or PC and use these instructions to get your audio files synched up to listen on your phone.

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