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Lizzy's Christmas Party® Special! 🎄

As a purchaser of Lizzy’s Christmas Party® Premium Goodie Bag you get special access to one year of our Wakes patron benefits! Get access to hours of exclusive meditation content and music to help you center through this holiday season and on into accomplishing your goals in the new year. 

Our unique sound bath meditations are crafted specifically to help you go deep within to connect to presence, belonging, purpose, wisdom, peace, and faith. Centered in your soulful self, you’ll step out into the world with greater attention, emotional wellbeing, creative expression, clear discernment, grounded beliefs, and abundant hope. 

Scroll down to learn more or skip right ahead to get started. All you’ll need to do is set up an account, download our app to start meditating, and let the transformation begin. 💫

Merry Christmas and welcome to the Wakes family,

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Your patronage will help us continue to play our music live weekly, record all the songs you love, and help heal the world through the power of music & mindfulness!

Exclusive Content

Patrons get access to exclusive replays of our live events, re-mastered long form Sound Bath Collections, and more!

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Conveniently listen to music and meditations in our shiny new Wakes app for iPhone and Android! Web access is also available.

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Exclusive patron-only full length sound baths.

Free to download and lots of free content.

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A life-changing healing practice
that only requires you listen!

 We all have things holding us back from living our healthiest, happiest, and most fulfilling lives. 

What is holding you back?

Wakes’ unique immersive long-form Sound Bath Mediations have helped alleviate every single one of these diverse and varied challenges. Merging music with mindfulness brings physiological, psychological, and spiritual benefits, and creates a profoundly healing environment. 

The instruments, frequencies, mantras, and flow of a Wakes Sound Bath Meditation can help to…

make a meaningful shift

This is a holistic and soul-filled solution that only requires you tune in and listen. When you do so consistently and regularly you will…

live with more

All so you can navigate your way through any challenge life brings. Through this practice we “Feel to Heal” so that we can show up in our lives more honestly, authentically, awakened, and empowered! 
Join this music fueled movement and find the freedom and peace you seek!

The Benefits are Boundless!

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We're Here to Support You

Ever since the global Coronavirus pandemic started in early 2020 we have been offering free or low cost long-form immersive Sound Bath Meditations online to support people’s mental and emotional health and create community spaces to rest, reflect, and heal. What started out as an emergency nervous system salve has become a weekly practice, and for many a personal necessity.

We are committed to continue offering these spaces of spiritual seeking, emotional healing, and modern well being, but we need your help to sustain our music and mission as we do!

We know how much these sessions have meant to you. 

Your words say it better than ours:

What is Patronage?

The patronage model has become vital for artists, makers, and creators of all stripes in recent years. It enables YOU, our greatest fans and those who benefit directly from what we do, to help support and sustain what we create for free every week. 

This is our creative solution to ensure that we can continue to give widespread access to this healing work, while also solving some of the most frequent requests we get from our Wakes community. This model truly feels like the most reciprocal and generous set-up we could think of.

Our Goal

We are big fans of Kevin Kelly’s concept of 1000 True Fans as a way to reasonably make a living as an artist and healer in this modern age and economy, where that is often difficult. The “starving artist” notion doesn’t come from nowhere, it is a real challenge. But with just 1000 True Fans who love what we do and are willing to support our work directly, we know we can make a thriving life creating and sharing our art.

It's Simple!

If you’re interested in mindfulness, music, self-healing, and living a more awakened and fulfilled life, then you’re in the right place! Practice with us regularly, regardless of your timezone or scheduling conflicts, and you will experience sounder sleep, deeper peace, spiritual connection, and sonic support to work through and help heal grief, trauma, anxiety and more.  

As a special offer for Lizzy’s Christmas Party® Premium Goodie Bag you get access to 1 year FREE of our Harmonize Patron level at a $180 value. Read below to learn what perks you’ll have access to so that you can benefit from this unique and life-changing mindfulness practice all year long. 

As a Wakes patron you also become a beneficiary of our free weekly Sound Bath events on the top global meditation app Insight Timer, ensuring people around the world have access to these healing spaces. With a following of over 18 thousand people on Insight Timer, that is helping a lot of people!

What You Get!


Lizzy Christmas special

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  • Exclusive Patron-Only events

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