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Nearly 2 years in the making, Journey though the Chakras is finally finished! After years of performing these songs live all over the world in gatherings of mindful introspection, we are delighted to have them captured and available to take home with you into your daily life.
It has been a creative challenge to translate what has been played organically in ceremonial settings and fit it into the often ridged form of recorded music, but we are so proud of the expression this album has taken. New layers and refreshed arrangements add depth to these songs that really enrich the experience for listening at home. We got to play and dream a lot and we hope it will help you do the same.

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Get the Most Out of This Album

You might be asking, now what? How do I use a sound healing / meditation album? What is it good for?

Many of you have been to our events, and you’ll likely remember the intentional setting we create to experience our music and take full advantage of its healing potential. We encourage you to use it in meditation, contemplation, mindfulness or yoga practice, and ceremony, but these recordings are also made to accompany you into any moment you might need them in your life. Be creative! 

There is no wrong way to enjoy this music, but we do have some suggestions for how to amplify the healing power of your listening experience.

Listening Suggestions: 

  • Set the space.
    • Find a comfortable position to be still and simply listen.
    • Create a cozy environment for yourself in a spot that is relatively quiet and where you can listen uninterrupted. Set yourself up with a yoga mat, pad, pillows, blanket, or anything else that will help you feel at ease and supported.
    • For best audio quality and to enjoy all the nuance and full power of these tracks, grab a pair of headphones or connect to nice speakers for a more immersive experience. 
  • Make some time.
    • 15 min is enough to listen to any one song.
    • Or treat yourself to a deep dive into the whole album, which is ~75min.
  • Close your eyes.
    • Remove distractions and listen with your full attention and whole body.
    • Taking away the sense of sight heightens your sense of hearing. 
  • Don’t worry about knowing your chakras.
    • Each track was written inspired by a chakra, but your body and psyche will respond to each song as it needs to, where it needs to. Open and trust.
    • You don’t need to have any particular intellectual understanding to experience the power of these songs or the presence of your body’s energetic centers. Tune in. 
    • Let your body speak as it needs to with each track. Listen to where you feel the energy moving as the music takes you within. You might notice images, colors, sensations in your body, emotions bubbling to the surface. Simply observe with your awareness what is arising in response to the music. Feel to heal. 
At least once, we really recommend listening straight through the journey from root to crown chakra, but you can listen to each track individually as a stand alone meditation, or listen to it as you work, study, or wash the dishes. We can’t wait to hear the ways you use it!

The mantra based nature of these songs means that they are helpful for the mind to relax and release into the soft repetition of words and harmonies. Let the mantras wash over you and shift in meaning as you listen again and again.

The uses of this type of music are many and we hope you will experience the wide range of benefits.


  • to foster peace and soothe your spirit during these anxious, uncertain times
  • to create deep relaxation and nervous system down regulation
  • to shift brain states to assist falling asleep when you are restless
  • to deepen your meditation and spiritual practice through the power of music
  • to explore and balance your chakras, and their various expressions in your life
  • to release challenging emotions and create a safe space for healing
  • to simply be something beautiful and inspiring for you to enjoy!
We believe music has the power to heal us on so many levels, and we wrote this sound journey as a reflection on the immense wisdom and learning held for us within the chakra system. For us, in the context of this album, the chakra system inspired a deeper understanding and grace for the foundational elements of our human journey and development.
Whether you’re new to the chakras, or a studied practitioner, we have no doubt you will resonate with the mantras and melodies of this music. Thank you for going on this journey with us!

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