An exploration with sound

A live sound journey with Wakes, followed by an integration conversation with holistic physical therapist  Sonia Karumsi, MSPT

Music has an uncanny ability to help us move and gently release stuck emotions. Simply lie down, relax, and listen to lighten. Let the vibrations loosen up any bound-up stress, anxiety, or regret that may be weighing you down. Calm the Central Nervous System and allow your body to enter a state of rest, healing, creativity and inspiration. Music is a powerful portal for mediation.
To round it all out, Sonia will guide us through conversation to integrate, inquire and embody the experience. Leave feeling Empowered, Grounded and Lighter.
This is will be a small group offering designed to be safe and cozy yet exploratory and centering.
Limited to 12 people so sign up now to reserve your spot! 
5:45: Arrive & get comfortable
6:00: Welcome, introductions & light movement
6:30: Music to journey into self & spirit 
7:15: Reflection, integration and conversation
8:30: Leave feeling lighter & more empowered
203 Mission Ave, Suite #205, Cashmere, WA 98815
second floor location requires approximately 15 stairs to climb
Come and be nourished, supported and guided into a space of rest and repair in the Mind, Body, Heart and Spirit.
How (and what to bring): 
Sit on the floor or a chair, or lay down on the floor with mats, blankets and/or pillows (bring your own*). Comfort is key! All you have to do is show up and listen to beautiful music.  A casual facilitated conversation for integration will follow that you can simply listen to and/or participate in.

Optional: bring your journal or small notepad and pen. 

*Limited props, blankets and mats available for those without. 

How much: $53
If the cost feels prohibitive, please reach out to us. We are happy to offer scholarships to those who can’t afford the tuition.

Sonia Karumsi

Physical Therapist MSPT

Sonia Karumsi is a western trained Physical Therapist who is continually exploring the many ways of how the body heals. She takes a holistic approach to this inquiry in her private practice in Cashmere, Washington. She is integrating Body, Mind, Spirit and Emotions into her client and group work with deeply transformative and lasting outcomes.

Nathan Getzin & Ada Ketchie


Nathan and Ada are sweethearts on a mission to help people awaken to a more meaningful and mindful life! It is our goal to support all aspects of the human journey, from the messy and vulnerable, to the celebratory and expansive. We are musicians, storytellers, adventurers, and facilitators of experiences that illuminate and shift our inner worlds so that we can make substantial and lasting change IN the world. 

Loving Words

A journey through sound and introspection like I’ve never experienced. If medicine started prescribing music, it would be this.
Scott W.
Pittsburgh, PA
The most tender and sweet music I have ever heard.
Nandy E.
San Jose, Costa Rica
Such an amazing and beautiful musical experience. I don't think I've ever felt so peaceful
Toni F.
Brighton, United Kingdom
Use card or PayPal below. To pay with cash or check, please arrange delivery of your payment with Sonia ASAP to reserve your spot. 

All sales are final. We are unable to offer refunds at this time.

March 19th Event

Event canceled to keep us all healthy & Safe 💓

April 23rd Event

May 14th Event

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