Use these practices and teachings to keep your sanity during this crazy election season and beyond! 

While the election happens on Nov 3rd, these practices and the W.A.K.E.S process can be used any time. 

Come back to these videos to reflect on how you’re doing with each step of the process and to down regulate and tune in with the practices.

Each video weaves a step of the W.A.K.E.S process together with helpful framing around political engagement.

NOTE: The videos were recorded on Facebook Live and engagement such as commenting will not be available on this website.


W.A.K.E.S Process Outline

Show Up: Guided Meditation

"W" Witness

Engaging the Tension: Movement Practice

"A" Attune

Bridging Differences​: Guided Meditation

"K" Kindness

Empowered Response​: Breathwork & Song

"E" Empowered

Using Your Voice​: Challenge

"S" Share

Sound Bath

Put it all together and WAKE!

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