Sometimes you just need a sounding board. Someone else to listen. You need a fresh-unbiased perspective. If you are looking for someone trusted to serve as counsel for a current issue or desire you are grappling with, we are here for you. You talk, we listen. And ask questions. And offer advice and direction when helpful. In person or via phone or video call. Get the space you need to process in a supportive and loving environment. 

Your first session is free! 

We specialize in supporting people with

  • relationship struggles
  • interpersonal conflict at home or work
  • guiding self-connection & compassion
  • clarity on personal or work issues
  • getting unstuck from anxiety, fear, and frustration

Because we are music nerds, we informally like to call our counsel Sound Board Sessions. Our approach is very relaxed, if you are in our close proximity we are happy to meet up for coffee or a walk, otherwise we can set-up a video call to chat from anywhere. Sessions usually last 1 hour. To see if we are a good fit for your specific needs, set up an exploratory half hour phone call to share about what you are seeking counsel for at this moment. Please fill out the form below to start the conversation and book a time. 

Why Us?

Ada and Nathan are passionate about relating and creating a strong social fabric to support one another through the crashing waves of life. It is our number #1 priority. We are the ones that stay up talking into the wee hours with our friends, and spend copious amounts of time reflecting on our relationship dynamics. We write songs about our communication hangups, and our best friends joke (but not really) that we have a “PhD in communication”.  

We’ve studied conflict mediation, worked in world renowned peace centers, and facilitated many groups to find poignant insight into themselves and the problems they are facing. Ada has a Masters in Strategic Leadership & Sustainability and focused primarily on human centered design, which can be applied on an individual level as life leadership and design. We offer the breadth of our time, knowledge and experience to support you to find clarity on the issues you are seeking to resolve. If we aren’t suited to support you, we’ll find someone who is. We are in this together. We need each other. 

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