We Evacuated at 2am

When it rains it pours…or maybe more apt for us this week, when it ignites, it burns. 🔥 This is a heartfelt update on what has been an incredibly scary, stressful, and exhausting week. Thank you for bearing witness and holding space for our highs and lows. 🙏🏼 So where do we begin?  We wanted to tell […]

The Forgotten F-Word – Can you guess it?

I read an article today by Monica Lewinsky called The Forgotten F-Word in the Pandemic. Can you guess what F-Word she is referring to? No, not the colorful expletive many of us were yelling at our screens during the presidential debates.  The F-Word she is poignantly calling our attention to pertains to the complex ways we FEEL during this […]

Into the Woods – Soul Searching to Find our Way

What does it mean to soul search? Is it something that you go looking for and some day find? Does it stop after you “find it”? Or is it an ongoing process? I would wager it’s the latter. The soul is an inseparable and essential part of ourselves. It actually isn’t “out there” at all, […]

A New Normal

One unexpected, but lovely, consequence of this pandemic is that I’m meeting more of my neighbors. Are you? It’s strange to say but during normal life we don’t seem to make time for even those that live closest to us. We pass by quickly in our cars, maybe we wave.  I met Lynda early on […]

Happy New Year! 2020

Happy New Year! Can you believe it is the last day of 2019?! The final day of a decade, and then we turn the page into the roaring 2020’s. We were speaking with one of our friends Steven recently and this quote came up:  “We overestimate what we can accomplish in a day and underestimate […]

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