A soulful weekend of music, meditation and movement

A Grateful Gathering

November 3-6 2022

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If you are anything like us, it can be really frustrating to find ourselves slipping into patterns of negative thoughts. Sometimes it seems like no matter which side of the bed we wake up on, the nagging stress of doing enough, being enough, or having enough just seems to always be lurking under the surface waiting to take hold.


We have found 3 tools that make a BIG difference in shaking the enough-ness blues and reconnecting to the truth of our true STRENGTH, ABUNDANCE, CREATIVITY & WORTHINESS

1. Music

Music is the language of emotion. Let the vibrations of our music gently release any sticky old emotional baggage. We compose and perform powerfully crafted musical experiences using our voices in beautiful harmony, mantra to move and uplift, and healing instruments from around the world.

2. Mindfulness

Our minds are one of the few constant companions we will have with us throughout our entire lives. They are the gatekeepers of our happiness and the tricksters that tempt us toward stress. We can't change what happens to us, but with practice, we can transform the way we respond to the world to live happier and more fulfilling lives.

3. Movement

We are trained and practiced yoga teachers and lovers of expression through movement and body. Yoga brings us into alignment in body mind and spirit. It helps us breathe space into the tight areas in our bodies, space into the tangled places in our minds, and space between the ego and our true identity in soul.

Autumnal Attitude of Gratitude

Tis the Season

As the seasons shift it offers us a special occasion to retreat into cozy company, make space for rest and reflection, and to expand our hearts through the power of gratitude.

Our inspiration for the Grateful Gathering is to create a space to gather in community to nurture this transformative practice of awakening appreciation through beautiful music, calming meditation, cathartic movement, deepening connection, nourishing food, and epic nature. All of our favorite things in one place! 

Fill Your Cup

The holidays hold for us many things, outpourings of love, the joys and sometimes difficulties of connecting with family, bridging ever changing differences, keeping tradition, giving and giving some more, grief for those missing, and striving to share our authentic selves with dear ones that think they have us “all figured out”… To name but a few dynamics!

Sometimes holidays bring up a mix of feelings, and that is why we have created this gathering to root, connect, and rest, right before we jump into the busy comings and goings of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year or whatever else you might be celebrating.

The Perfect Place

Join us in the rejuvenating hearth of a beautiful lodge in the mountains of Leavenworth WA! This is a special place for healing, connection, and wellness. You will be an integral part of a group of soulful humans on a common journey of finding ways to live a more present, centered and joyful life. 

Enjoy sweet healing vibrations of an immersive sound bath meditation, invigorating and rejuvenating yoga practice and mindful movement, a unique fireside folk concert (with stories and sharing to get to know each other) and more! There will be ample free time to explore the town, hike, or just journal and soak in the hot tub. And the views… the inspiration here abounds!

Wakes Retreats

Get a Taste

Connect to joy!

What to Expect

  • 6 delicious homemade (and often home-grown) vegetarian meals. Breakfast & dinner included. 
  • 3 nights of cozy accommodations with a spectacular view of the Cascade mountains.
  • Healing and nervous system regulating sound baths. Feel the good vibrations live & in person!
  • Yoga & Mindful Movement to invigorate and rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul.
  • Lessons and practices on gratitude, plus take-home tools.
  • Fireside folk music, storytelling, and heartfelt chats.
  • Hot tub soaks & stargazing.
  • Self exploration, inner growth, deeper presence.
  • Conscious community and new soul friends.
  • Hikes, fresh air, falling leaves.
  • Renewed energy & enthusiasm for life.

Retreat with Us!

This weekend is for you if...

  • You need to shake off the stresses of an overly busy & loud life
  • You’d like to quiet your mind and tune in with yourself
  • Cynicism and irritation have been creeping into your days
  • Anxiety and overwhelm have been frequent visitors lately
  • You’ve been wanting to start a gratitude practice but haven’t been able to get in the groove
  • You’ve been seeking soul-filling community and just haven’t found your people yet
  • Personal awakening and self development are core desires in your life
  • You need a moment of rest to prepare for the go-go-go of the holidays
  • Intentional space is your jam and you are open to try new things
  • You just need a break and want others to do the thinking and planning for you! 
  • You love music! You love yoga! You love nature! You are a wellness enthusiast! 

Nathan & Ada

A Little Bit About Us...

Hi there! We are Nathan and Ada, sweethearts on a mission to help people awaken to a more meaningful and mindful life! It is our goal to support all aspects of the human journey, from the messy and vulnerable, to the celebratory and expansive. Our best friends consider us their informal therapists and we are always available as counsel for your current challenges and questions.

Our great love (besides each other) is music and we are passionate about using the power of sound, voice and vibration to facilitate greater mindfulness, relaxation, emotional release and delight. We are both trained interdisciplinary yoga teachers and love to incorporate connection to the wisdom of our bodies in our offerings.

Nathan is a whiz in the kitchen, and Ada can’t think of much better than meeting new souls as she travels this wild and wonderful world. We both adore a night in nature, and we really hope to meet you and share space soon at one of our sound baths, workshops, events, or retreats (online or off!). We mean it when we say we hear you, we love you, and we are with you as we all wake up to deeper levels of presence and connection in our lives and with each other.  

Sample Schedule

Book A Room!

Pricing from $650

*Share a bed/room with your sweetheart, a friend (or a few!) for the best rate.

King Suite


Stay in luxury with our premium King Suite on the second floor amidst the treetops. Enjoy a full private bath and exquisite mountain views off of your private balcony. 

King Room

Enjoy this private sunlit King Room with an ensuite shared bath on the main floor. A cozy armchair and window seat are perfect reading nooks.

Queen Room

Cozy up in our Queen Room with shared bath on the bottom floor. The spacious downstairs has an extra kitchen area and direct access to outside. 

Deluxe Shared

Enjoy this sunlit and spacious quad room with 2 King beds (loft bed accessible by ladder) with an ensuite shared bathroom on the main floor. 

Bunk Haus


Enjoy a your own cozy quaint Bunk Haus with Queen Bed, just a short walk outside. Shared bath accessible inside the main lodge. 

Tree Haus


Nestle up in the treetops in this cozy Tree Haus with 2 twin beds, just a short walk outside. Shared bath accessible inside the main lodge.

Common Room

Snuggle up sleepover style in our Common Room. Full day bed, single cots, and twin air mattress available. Use ours or bring your own. Shared bath on the bottom floor, with direct access to outside.

How to Register

Limited spaces are available, so book early to avoid disappointment! To maximize cost savings find a sweetheart or friend to share your bed/room with! Reserve your spot by purchasing your preferred room. For any additional questions don’t hesitate to email hello@wakes.life. We can’t wait to get grateful with you!

Terms & Conditions

Full retreat cost due at time of purchase. Shared room cost splits will be managed between attendees.
Cancellation Policy: No refunds or transfers are offered. Though you are welcome to gift your ticket to a friend! 🎁
Our Facilitators will host you through your Wakes Retreat experience; however, you must take full responsibility for your health and well being throughout the retreat.  Wakes will not be held liable for any injury or illness you may incur whilst participating in the Retreat.

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