Making Meaning Out of a Challenging Year

A special virtual workshop with Kari, Ada & Nathan

Sign up by Friday March 26th by midnight to join!


Are You...

  • Feeling unsettled, powerless, stuck, unable to shake off 2020?
  • Looking for space to make meaning of your pandemic experience?
  • Suffering from unexpressed feelings and unresolved tensions?
  • Needing to engage your personal power to move ahead with confidence?
  • Craving authentic engagement with yourself and your community?
The pandemic and 2020 has left no one untouched. This one year mark, offers us an opportunity to pause and reflect. We know the impacts this year of hardship has had on our daily lives and in our communities, but what about our inner worlds? The pandemic will end, yet the danger rests in, not looking within, not noticing what has happened and what within us needs to be reconciled and healed. 
Join us for a potent opportunity to explore and notice what has shifted in you, and what is needing attention. Ada, Nathan, and Kari will guide you though a powerful experiential process to recognize and allow your challenges of mind, body, and spirit in this collaborative workshop.

Through mindful movement, meditation, music, and dialogue you will move toward nervous system down-regulation, insight, acceptance, and spiritual connection.
As the dust settles from the unique stress of the pandemic, we can see what cracks have formed in the seemingly solid ground of our world and sense of self.  Let this be an opportunity to plant seeds of new light and life to spring up in those cracks.  

What You Receive:

  • Mindful movement for all bodies
  • Sound Bath and Musical Meditations
  • Safe and experienced guidance to explore & process 
  • Opportunity for Insight, Release and Empowerment
  • Rest, repair, and nervous system regulation 
  • All in the comfort of your own home via Zoom video conferencing.

Meet your facilitators:

Kari of Meditate Wenatchee

Kari holds a BA in Psychology and a Masters of Social Work.  A health and wellness facilitator and educator, bringing Integrative Health practices to the forefront of national health.  Kari’s mission is to uphold self-determination as the utmost marker of health and well-being, working to further empower people while nurturing their inherent growth and healing process.  Specializing in Mindfulness based services.

Ada & Nathan of Wakes

Ada Ketchie and Nathan Getzin are alchemists of the human heart, helping people cultivate greater mindfulness, healing, and self-actualization through the ineffable power of music. As co-founders of Wakes they use their expertise as musicians, storytellers, yoga teachers, healers, and coaches to create experiences that offer radical transformation of mind, body and spirit. 

Sliding Scale Pricing

Pick your price. All the options below grant you access to the live workshop event. The difference is simply that we are offering you the opportunity to determine your own price based on your financial capacity to pay. 


For those who need financial support
$ 55
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  • Accessible pricing
  • Receive Generosity


Workshop base Rate
$ 65
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  • Pay for Event at Cost


Help support someone else to come
$ 75
  • Workshop Ticket
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  • Support Facilitators
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