Join us for weekend of exploring creative expression, liberating and balancing our voices, and learning to speak from love instead of fear. In this retreat experience, we will dive deeply into what it means to be a creative being and how we can strengthen our will power to express more truly, brilliantly and abundantly

Ada and Nathan of Nada Wakes will lead workshops and ceremonies, offer sound healingjourneys, teach yoga and share love. Come create new friendships, eat great food, and replenish your body, mind, and spirit at this beautiful lakefront property.


With this free online mini-course, get a sneak peek into some of the content we’ll be diving into at the retreat. So if you are still on the fence, you can tune in to find out what all this fuss about expression is about. 

1: Expression Happens
Whether in a heartbeat, a kiss, a flinch or a word, expression is happening all the time. The real work begins when we look at if we are creating from fear or love.
2: Belief Behind The Wheel
Learn how our beliefs and will power play pivitol roles in our expression.
3: Expression for Transformation
Expression, when paired with mindfulness practices, becomes a powerful tool for self-healing and transformation.


We are getting so excited about our upcoming retreat! While we already have some amazing souls who are joining us, we still have some spots left! It is our desire to have a full house in order to create the communal energy and connection that is so foundational to this work of inner transformation. Plus we have such a nurturing weekend planned for you! We know that these choices of investment in ourselves are often difficult to make, and with that in mind, we want to remove any barrier that might keep you from joining us. So we have decided to shift our pricing model to offer a sliding scale to ensure that if you feel the calling to dig into the way you show up in this world and learn some powerful tools for self-healing, that you can come. In the spirit of transparency, the pricing breakdown is listed here.


If your heart is calling for a weekend to break out of familiar patterns, reflect, retreat and grow, then please join us! Just send an email and we can sort out the final details. If the “at cost” price still feels out of your means, but you feel in total alignment with our offering, then please reach out and tell us about your situation and we can see what is possible. No limitations, my friends! Your expression is a gift to the world and we want to help you share it!


This option covers the hard costs of food and lodging for the weekend and we are happy to offer our programming and time preparing for free to those who need.


This option helps compensate us some for the hours spent putting this event together.


This option pays us for all the hard work of developing and presenting the creative content for this weekend journey. 


Take a peek at what’s in store for the weekend! We have a restful yet stimulating plan, and of course, all things are optional. While these activities are planned and facilitated with love, we encourage you to take the space you need to create the weekend that is best for YOU.

Download the PDF Schedule

For your viewing, planning and visualizing pleasure ❤️.

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