Sound Bath

Sunday, Oct 25th



Sanity strained from this tumultuous election season? Down regulate, and reset with a free sound bath. Tune in to show up during this important time.

PLUS, get a whole week of sanity saving support and practices with daily live events in our Facebook Group!

Get Ready to:

We always knew an election year would be tough on our mental health and collective well-being. Throw in a pandemic, social unrest, and economic uncertainty and it’s no wonder we all feel like we’re at our wits end! 
Instead of pulling out your hair, gain some powerful sanity saving tools and strategies by joining our Election Sanity Saver Sound Bath and weeklong support series. Ready for some good news for once? It’s all FREE! So spread the word and mark your calendar. 

Support Series

MONDAY: Introduction

W.A.K.E.S Process​


Guided Meditation

WEDNESDAY: Engaging the Tension

Movement Practice

THURSDAY: Bridging Differences

Guided Meditation​

FRIDAY: Empowered Response

Breath-work & Song

SATURDAY: Using Your Voice

Group Challenge


Hi! We're Ada & Nathan

This is Wakes

We are the founders of Wakes and sweethearts on a mission to help people awaken to a more meaningful and mindful life! It is our goal to support all aspects of the human journey, from the messy and vulnerable, to the celebratory and expansive. We are musicians, yoga teachers, storytellers, adventurers, and facilitators of experiences that illuminate and shift our inner worlds so that we can make substantial and lasting change IN the world.

We are known for our uniquely immersive and lyrical Sound Baths / Journeys which we hold both in person and online. Our work is focused on helping you cultivate greater mental and emotional wellbeing through the power of music, mindfulness, and movement through our various offerings. That includes immersive sound meditations, intimate concerts, holistic retreats, private counseling sessions, and various online resources. 

We have been lucky to share our music in inspiring places like Costa Rica, the U.K. and Ireland, and throughout the US, and are currently recording 3 new albums of both sound healing and folk music. Music is medicine for the soul, and we are grateful to share this healing path with you.

If you have been feeling overwhelmed by the onslaught of discouraging news… 

If you have been feeling depressed by the divisiveness and disrespect of our leadership…

If you have felt disempowered by the state of our democracy… 

Then this Election Sanity Saver Sound Bath and week-long series of strategies and practices is for you! 

We hope you’ll join us, because even as this year gets more and more crazy… you don’t have to. 

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