Happy Birthday Ada!

40 favorites for 40

"I just love the idea of interacting with the things my people love most, what delights you and brings happiness to your life. 🥰 Big or small, real thing or idea, thing we do together or I am encouraged to do myself!"

The Prompt:

It is our dear Adela’s birthday this week, and not just any old birthday, this is the big Four Zero! 🎉

In her ever creative and empathic way, this year, what she wants for her birthday is the chance to experience 40 favorite things from the family and friends she loves and admires most!


  1. Get brainstorming on one of your favorite things. Something that brings you joy, feels magical, delightful, delicious, soothing, whatever! As long as it’s a favorite.
    • Maybe it’s a food, drink, game, quote, book, place to go, thing to do, song to listen to, sight to see, or person to meet. If it’s a purchasable item, you can buy it for her, or just send a recommendation and where to get it. Be creative and know it can be simple!
  2. Find the appropriate delivery method. Maybe you’ll be seeing her soon, give it to her in person! Maybe it’s digitally deliverable in an email prompt, as instructions, a quote, gift certificate, e-book, whatever. Or perhaps you’d like to hand write it, put it in card, or send a physical item. You can send it to:
    • 1260 Rue Jolie, Wenatchee, WA. 98801
  3. Log It. We’d love to just have a running list of all the things as they come in so we can all be inspired by the all the good stuff this group loves. So head over to this Google Doc, and add a description of your contribution into the mix.

Final Notes:

No pressure to get it here by her birthday on February 16th. We can let the celebration keep rolling until it gets here.

And if you simply don’t have time or energy at the moment to participate in this birthday ritual, please no worries at all. Just know that if you are receiving this, you matter to Ada and she loves you. ❤️

And hey, if we collect more than 40 favorite things, there will just be more joy to spread out and experience over this 40th year!

Thank you for being a part of Ada’s life and special birthday. Here’s to another decade!


Nathan Ketchie

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