A properly socially distant and budget friendly virtual gathering to connect to self & spirit, support and share in community, shake out any sticky stress, and tuck away new tools for stress reduction, increased resilience, and a dose of powerful personal development to help you feel like yourself again.

Saturday, May 9th

Who here could use a retreat right about now?!

Good food, good people, taking care of ourselves, connecting to our bodies, minds, hearts, nature, each other.

I think we can all agree, this global pandemic has been one of the most unprecedented and stressful events of our lifetimes, and so our intention with this retreat is simply to STRESS LESS. Ahhhh, can you feel your shoulders dropping already?

We’ll move our bodies, learn practical methods to manage our stress, connect and share with other beautiful souls, as well as immerse ourselves in the joyous and healing power of music. Plus we hope you’ll have fun!

The retreat will be sectioned into chunks of time where we gather online, with plenty of breaks in-between to tend to other parts of your life. None of us wants to be stuck on the computer all day!

We intentionally scheduled the retreat the day before Mother’s Day, because Mom’s we see you and you sure have been working hard. We hope this can send you into your special day feeling relaxed and renewed.

But of course, everyone is welcome, because truly we all need this right now.

This is our chance to go deeper together into the powerful potential of music, mindfulness, and movement to transform us from the inside out. It will definitely help us stress less.

So let’s gather and recharge our batteries together on Saturday May 9th. A little nurturing can go a long way to sustain us through this time of uncertainty.

We would absolutely love for you to join us. Treat yourself in mind, body, and spirit!

❤️ Love,

Ada & Nathan

1. Music

Music is the language of emotion. Let the vibrations of our music gently release any sticky old emotional baggage. We compose and perform powerfully crafted musical experiences using our voices in beautiful harmony, mantra to move and uplift, and healing instruments from around the world.

2. Mindfulness

Our minds are one of the few constant companions we will have with us throughout our entire lives. They are the gatekeepers of our happiness and the tricksters that tempt us toward stress. We can't change what happens to us, but with practice, we can transform the way we respond to the world to live happier and more fulfilling lives.

3. Movement

We are trained and practiced yoga teachers and lovers of expression through movement and body. Yoga brings us into alignment in body mind and spirit. It helps us breathe space into the tight areas in our bodies, space into the tangled places in our minds and space between the ego, and our true identity in soul.


All timings are in Pacific Daylight Time (West Coast USA). Though if it works for your timezone, we’d love for you to join us wherever in the world you are! Use this timezone converter to see if our schedule will work for you. 

7am - 8:30am
Morning Movement Session

All bodies and abilities welcome. This session will focus more on experiencing the power of mindful movement than making it a tough workout! Though you will definitely breathe deeper and start the day with a glistening glow. 

11am - 1pm
Teaching & Connection Group Call with Breakout Sessions

Get to know one another more and learn tools and resources to help you stress less and self regulate in your daily life. This session will include a guided meditation and space for active listening and sharing.

4pm - 5pm
Live Folk Music Cocktail Hour

It’s time to relax with a laid back music session and your favorite beverage in hand. A time to let our hair down, smile and sway, and maybe even sing along. Love filled libations and sumptuous songs to whet your appetite before we break for dinner.

8pm - 9pm
Evening Sound Bath

This immersive sound meditation will bring our retreat to a close and send you sweetly off to sleep. Using many sound healing instruments from around the world, and original mantra style songs sung in beautiful male/female harmony, we will share in a profoundly relaxing musical experience to let any remaining stress melt away.

We love retreats

And the people who join us love them too!

I have told a LOT of people about your retreat and the change I experienced has really stuck with me in amazing ways.... which is in itself quite remarkable even compared to major books and other retreats I've attended. So... thank you both!
Nathan M.
Retreat Attendee
Ada and Nathan are amazing, very talented, creative, authentic, crack your heart open with nothing but love and compassion kind of Souls. A gift to have met them and be a part of their retreat. Very grateful for the experience and can't wait for more!
Kym O.
Retreat Attendee
Have you ever watched a fire starting to die out and realize that with a little fuel it could burst into flames? That is how I feel about all I learned at our retreat. I was watching gratitude burn out, in myself and the world around me, and the retreat was new fuel! I am fanning the flames!
Shannon M.
Retreat Attendee

Nathan & Ada

A Little Bit About Us...

Hi there! We are Nathan and Ada, sweethearts on a mission to help people awaken to a more meaningful and mindful life! It is our goal to support all aspects of the human journey, from the messy and vulnerable, to the celebratory and expansive. Our best friends consider us their informal therapists and we are always available as counsel for your current challenges and questions.

Our great love (besides each other) is music and we are passionate about using the power of sound, voice and vibration to facilitate greater mindfulness, relaxation, emotional release and delight. We are both trained interdisciplinary yoga teachers and love to incorporate connection to the wisdom of our bodies in our offerings.

Nathan is a whiz in the kitchen, and Ada can’t think of much better than meeting new souls as she travels this wild and wonderful world. We both adore a night in nature, and we really hope to meet you and share space soon at one of our workshops, events, or retreats. We mean it when we say we hear you, we love you, and we are with you as we all wake up to deeper levels of presence and connection in our lives and with each other.  


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