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Come Alive

Journeying into self through the power of music, mindfulness, and community. Awaken to a life you love!

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Hi and welcome to Wakes!

If you are anything like us, we bet that you have a desire in your heart to heal what hurts, to find more peace and fulfillment in your life, to actualize your deepest truth, and to more meaningfully connect with yourself and others. 

This is a place to support you to awaken to what’s within, to shift stories that no longer serve you, to develop habits that make you happier and healthier, and to cultivate levels of self-awareness and reflection that result in nothing short of transforming your life. 

We are here to serve that impulse inside you that seeks to live with both eyes wide open, that yearns for freedom from suffering and to grow into the greatest version of yourself. 

We are so glad you are here. 

With Love,

Ada & Nathan

Stay together, friends.
Don’t scatter and sleep. 
Our friendship is made
of being awake.
― Rumi



Sound Healing, Soul-full folk songs, & Covers.

But this is about more than just making a few albums. It’s about empowering people to be their best selves.

Get the music, support the cause, awaken your brightest life!

We're Here to Help

This process of waking up to our fullest potential is both an instantaneous experience (yet often fleeting), and a gradual practice. We’re here to help with both. We have tools to help jolt you awake from a sticky slumber, and guided practices to help you stepwise learn to more readily tap into your power of aliveness and get after your dreams!









Hi there! We are Nathan and Ada, sweethearts on a mission to help people awaken to a more meaningful and mindful life! It is our goal to support all aspects of the human journey, from the messy and vulnerable, to the celebratory and expansive. We are musicians, storytellers, adventurers, and facilitators of experiences that illuminate and shift our inner worlds so that we can make substantial and lasting change IN the world. 

We care about cultivating authentic connection and community, and are dedicated to sharing our best ideas, tools, and resources to help you thrive in mind, body, and spirit. Hear more about our story (it doesn’t go in a straight line) and learn why we are so passionate about this work of waking up to ourselves, each other, and life!

Impact & Love


From the emotional intoxication of pure melody, to the energizing thrum and beat of its rhythms, from the age old practice of storytelling, to its subtle physical vibrations, music is a healing force that has the power to connect us to countless and numinous facets of our lives: emotions, thoughts, beliefs, stories, sensations, spirit, soul, time, space, and more. It is an ancient tool of self exploration, from cultivating states of somber reflection, to loving appreciation, rapturous excitement and primal embodiment. It has the ability to lift images, emotions, and stories from deep within our subconscious to let them bubble up into the light of awareness. Here we learn and grow in ourselves. Music is a tool for transformation.

We release music under two different band names. Nada Wakes and She Wakes. 

Two different styles but with the same purpose of using music to inspire, heal, and awaken.

Music for mindfulness and self discovery. Journey into your inner world on angelic harmonies and the soothing sounds of healing instruments, both traditional and new, from around the world. Opens your heart and shifts your mindset. 

If a picture tells 1000 words these songs hold whole books of stories rich with emotion and vulnerability. Folky, jazz-inspired sounds full of vocal harmony and lyrics worth a second and third listen. Evokes self-reflection and all the feels. 


November 20-22, 2020


Grateful Gathering 2019 is a wrap! But considering how powerful this flagship year was, our sights are already set on next years special event! The weekend before Thanksgiving is the perfect time to ground into the true meaning of the season. We will retreat into cozy company, make space for rest and reflection, and expand our hearts through the power of gratitude. We will gather in community to nurture this transformative practice of awakening appreciation through beautiful music, calming meditation, cathartic movement, deepening connection, nourishing food, and epic nature. All of our favorite things in one place! Mark those calendars and join us!

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We all want to feel more alive, happier, healthier, with more passion and purpose. We want to feel fulfilled in the lives we lead. Wakes is about waking up our truest potential to be who we really are. We believe human nature is essentially happy, healthy, passionate and purposeful. But we will never be able to realize this potential if we don’t become intimately aquatinted with who we really are. Your relationship with you is the one unchangeable thing in this life. You are stuck with you! So stop worrying about what others think about you, if you are doing life “right”, and start learning and cultivating what YOU think about YOU to start living your most authentic life.