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Grateful Gathering Retreat

Wake up to your most gratifying life with Nathan and Ada of Wakes, and join us for a special autumnal Grateful Gathering! As the seasons shift and Thanksgiving is right around the corner, it offers us a special occasion to retreat into cozy company, make space for rest and reflection, and to expand our hearts through the power of gratitude. We will gather in community to nurture this transformative practice of awakening appreciation through beautiful music, calming meditation, cathartic movement, deepening connection, nourishing food, and epic nature. All of our favorite things in one place! 

November 22-24, 2019



From the emotional intoxication of pure melody, to the energizing thrum and beat of its rhythms, the age old practice of storytelling, and it’s subtle physical vibrations, music is a healing force that has the power connects us to the countless and numinous facets of our lives: emotions, thoughts, beliefs, stories, sensations, spirit, soul, time, space, and more. It is the ancient tool of self exploration from cultivating states of somber reflection, to loving appreciation, and to rapturous excitement and primal embodiment. It has the ability to lift images and emotions and stories from deep within our subconscious to let them bubble up into the light of consciousness. Here we learn and grow in ourselves. It is a tool of transformation.

We release music under two different band names. One for sound healing and one for folk music.

Music for mindfulness and self discovery. Journey into your inner world on angelic harmonies and the soothing sounds of healing instruments both traditional and new from around the world. Opens your heart and shifts your mindset. 

If a picture tells 1000 words these songs hold whole books of stories rich with emotion and vulnerability. Folky, jazz-inspired sounds full of vocal harmony and lyrics worth a second and third listen. Evokes self-reflection and all the feels. 

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