Wow, it’s already nearing the end of our first week of 2020! Many of us launch into the New Year with dewy eyed dreams of transformation and new habits. Most of us so rarely take the time to reflect and set goals (myself included) that taking even a few moments to reflect on the things that have been getting us down (the classic example of not enough exercise and too much eating) and setting a couple goals (work out more, eat less) can be a cause for great conviction and empowerment. Ada and I celebrated the New Year with friends in Seattle and on New Years day we walked to a coffee shop near Greenlake (a beautiful lake and bordering path that is a popular running destination) and it was almost comical how many people were out jogging or walking off the holidays, and making a valiant effort toward their New Years resolutions! I know that I am not alone in being one to set intentions with a conviction that fails to withstand the slightest obstacle. Studies have shown that less than 25% of people actually stay committed to their resolutions after just 30 days, and only 8% accomplish them. 

I’m not here to tell you your resolution is dumb or pointless or that you’ll probably fail. But I know first hand how difficult it can be to actually make good on the initial empowering rush of conviction that drives so many of us to set exciting goals that we know will move the needle to increase our wellbeing. I believe that the vast majority of those convictions really could cause real positive transformation in your life, if only we stuck with them. 

For Ada and I, the crux of this issue lies in practice. Most of us are just unpracticed in regular reflection and goal setting, and the goals we are able to muster up in the collective excitement of New Years just aren’t substantial enough to withstand life’s storms. Just as a hut thrown up in an afternoon won’t likely withstand a stiff wind and certainly won’t be substantial enough to effectively protect you from the elements. But if you can use that initial inspiration to jump start a practice of checking in with your goal regularly, developing a solid plan, gathering the necessary materials and tools, learning the relevant skills, and stepwise executing while regularly reflecting on how it is going and adjusting milestones accordingly, before you know it you’ll have a real home you can live and thrive in. 

While we don’t have a workbook or online course to support you in the resolution process (yet ?), we do have a FREE morning meditation that is sure to get you in the positive headspace you need to generate energy and enthusiasm to keep chipping away at those goals on the regular. Use it in your daily practice to help you make those resolutions real in 2020. 

Download it here!

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Wow, it’s already nearing the end of our first week of 2020! Many of us launch into the New Year with dewy eyed dreams of

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